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Kathleen McDermott

Reviews for Style For All (2011)



"I have so enjoyed your charming book and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by scholars, students and dilettantes. Your illustrations beautifully capture the spirit and mood of the clothing depicted and really define your subject." Lorraine Howes, chair emerita, Rhode Island School of Design.


”Thank you for the copy of your very interesting book Style for All. I really enjoyed reading it, and especially, studying the terrific illustrations. I also found your informative and fun-filled website. Congratulations on these accomplishments." Kay Sloan, former President, Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


"I tried to 'just browse'—but I am being seduced and find it hard to put down. It takes in-depth knowledge to be so brief and yet comprehensive and your illustrations are a delight. It’s a great achievement." Lorraine Howes, writing again.


"Not only is the art in Style For All beautiful, but its take on fashion is also incredibly interesting. I learned more about the evolving relationship between fashion, civil rights, and politics from the brief "500 Years of Fashion in a Nutshell" introduction than I cmlulatively learned elsewhere in twenty-two years!" David Lamb, editor, Graywolf Press.


"I am super happy for you and for all who get a copy of your book and, with it, a “chunk of knowledge” from you. I used to love fashion history and now I love it even more, thanks to you!" Marlon Costa, fashion designer.